VW Amarok – Leaf Spring Suspension Upgrade

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Since 1996 we have been helping thousands of vehicle owners get the most value from their leisure and commercial vehicles. Our range of bolt-on suspension stabilisers improves the ride-quality and weight carrying ability of your bakkie or 4×4. Our systems provide improved stability and control to partially or fully loaded vehicles without affecting the comfort of the un-loaded ride.

-Adjustable ride height.
-Awesome stability and up to 45% load leveling for pick ups and 4x4s.
-Vastly improved handling and ride quality, loaded or unloaded.
-Safer, more comfortable ride.
-Carry maximum rated loads.
-Easy DIY fitment with basic hand tools.
-Available through dealers or delivery country wide.
-Our products are fully manufactured in SA.

Load Hog

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Since 1997 Load Hog Helper Springs & the LHX Twin Blade Stabilisers have been tried & tested on the world’s toughest roads. Vastly improved handling & ride quality.