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Penniless Free Classifieds South Africa is a platform where you can advertise services, unwanted goods, jobs or sell your car. We have categories for all products and selling items have never been this easy.

Why Use Penniless Free Classifieds and not other major Competitors?

We are new and dynamic! Unlike major classified ads services is South Africa, we are a team that dedicate our time and devotion to Penniless Classifieds. We have a fast reply rate and assist people where possible. For us Penniless is not only an advertising website but an outstanding platform where we care about every single client. Advertising on Penniless South Africa won’t only give you thousands of visitors, but we share our Services on paid platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook and other popular social networks to ensure that your ad gets proper exposure throughout South Africa.

Why not give us a try?

Advertising on Penniless is easy and user friendly. We are testing to only list major categories instead of hundred confusing categories that might lead up to you publishing your ad in the wrong place.

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We have a support system in place so if you need personal information you can contact us on

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